September 7, 2018

School IT Solutions

What Can I Offer

Strategic planning for IT solutions is a costly and complicated process. Having negotiated bespoke multi-million pound IT solutions for two free schools, I can offer expertise with IT strategic planning, implementation to support the curriculum and website/App applications to support learning.

Examples of Support

  • IT visioning for schools and MATS
  • Writing an IT specification
  • Creating a brand new IT infrastructure for a new school to support learning
  • Writing an IT bid for capital funds
  • E-safety strategy

Methods of delivery

  • Face to face consultation
  • Bid writing
  • Strategy document writing
  • Training workshops for staff
  • Visioning day for IT
  • Audit of IT need, stakeholder engagement work shops
  • Keynotes

Impacts  and outcomes

  • Robust IT solution for your school
  • Improved learning standards
  • IT solution fit for purpose, affordable and sustainable

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about the services that I offer, or would like to get in contact to discuss this service please contact me from my contact form.

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